How to cite QuPath

If you use QuPath in your work, please cite the QuPath paper below:

Main citation

Bankhead, P. et al. QuPath: Open source software for digital pathology image analysis. Scientific Reports (2017).

An earlier version of this work was also available on bioRxiv.

Check this page for the correct citation!

There will be new QuPath papers - please refer to this page to find the correct paper to cite.

I’d especially ask please do not use the 2021 Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal paper “QuPath: The global impact of an open source digital pathology system” as an alternative citation. This appears high in Google Scholar results for QuPath, but isn’t an appropriate reference if you wish to credit QuPath’s developers (for the reasons described here).

Publications using QuPath (until 2021)

In the early years, scraping keep the project alive and unable to rely on QuPath being cited whenever it was used, I maintained a curated list where I checked every paper that mentioned QuPath to see if it was used and/or cited.

I stopped that at the end of 2021 because… well, there were just too many. We now rely on citation counts - and, indeed, citing the right paper.

Nevertheless, here’s that early list for the sake of nostalgia. The publications below describe having used QuPath. I’ve omitted review articles or citations that only refer to QuPath, but don’t describe actually using it.

The following key indicates what, if anything, was cited in the main references for each paper below.

  • 📗 QuPath used and Scientific Reports paper cited

  • 📙 QuPath used and bioRxiv preprint cited

  • 😞 QuPath used but no paper cited

Please report any corrections or additions!

Missing icons

A small number of early papers don’t have an associated icon because the primary work was carried out at Queen’s University Belfast and pre-dated QuPath’s public release.


2021 (437)

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